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Source your bees better

Connecting Farmers to Local Beekeepers

Let’s get started:


Why HiveLend?

HiveLend was started by beekeepers, Nick and Dawn. Nick started as an amateur beekeeper who couldn’t find local farms to rent his hives to and he knew that there could be an easier way to connect with farmers than attending beekeeping clubs and calling around asking for referrals. Dawn is a passionate beekeeper with a vision of using Agtech in the pollination space for sustainable economic development by improving crop yields for farmers and ensure beekeepers are supported. Together they formed HiveLend which aims to make connecting beekeepers and farmers simple and convenient.

Our Goals:

  • Foster communication between beekeepers and farmers
  • Promote conscious sustainable agriculture
  • Improve crop yields & Reduce travel times
  • Decrease paperwork by simplifying the process
  • Help facilitate sale of hive products for beekeepers

What we do

We connect farmers with local beekeepers. Simple.


Farmers can search for beekeepers using geolocation technology allowing for the most efficient coordination of pollination contracts. Likewise, beekeepers can find farmers in need of bees.


Our system streamlines the negotiation process between beekeepers and farmers. Get your contracts together quickly, so you can spend more time doing your job and less time handling paperwork.


Our login system allows for easy access to past payments, contracts, and prices. Through PayPal integration both parties can rest assured that transactions taking place are legitimate and secure.


Why it matters

Local, conscious agriculture is good for the planet… and the bees.

The Mission

HiveLend is more than a business. We see ourselves as conscious capitalists: believing the world’s problems can be solved by honest and fair businesses.


The impact of CCD is not limited to beekeepers. Our agricultural success requires an efficient supply of hives. Healthy bees, healthy planet.

Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder describes a rapidly declining bee population. HiveLend will help ensure farmers get bees, regardless of CCD.

The Future

As HiveLend’s presence grows, we hope to inspire new hobbyist beekeepers, thus contributing to a healthier and robust bee population.


Contact Us

We’re always looking for feedback, reach out.